Workers' Compensation Attorney

The workers' compensation process in Connecticut could be considered relatively friendly to injured workers, especially compared to the systems in other states. However, having a qualified lawyer represent you or a loved one through the process can make it much easier and increase the likelihood that your claim will be successful.

At Halloran & Halloran, our attorneys understand that most people who are injured on the job want nothing more than to get back to work. Our clients are hardworking people who take pride in providing for their families, and for many if not most people, making ends meet with workers' compensation benefits alone can be difficult. We provide legal help designed to get people through the claims process as quickly as possible while obtaining fair compensation for their injuries and the long-term effects they have.

Helping Our Connecticut Clients Navigate The Disability Benefits Process

There are many ways that we assist our clients in not only succeeding in their workers' comp claim, but also maximizing it.

We have access to financial and vocational experts who can figure out exactly how our clients' accident injuries prevent them from doing their jobs, as well as how much an injury reduces one's lifetime earning potential.

We also help our clients when they encounter issues trying to get adequate medical treatment for their injuries. Employers and their insurers may contest an injured worker's choice of physician, or put up resistance when our clients want to change doctors because they are simply not getting the care they need. Our greatest concern is making sure our clients are treated and compensated fairly — we are always compassionate with our clients, but will be aggressive with the other side whenever necessary.

Learn more about how we guide clients with repetitive stress injuries through the claims process.

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