Repetitive Trauma Injuries

Not all injuries resulting in a workers' compensation claim happen because of an accident. Many people develop painful injuries over time — months or even years — by performing the same motions again and again. Although they might not seem as serious as accidents involving acute trauma, these repetitive stress injuries can still cause serious pain and leave people unable to work.

It can be difficult to make a successful workers' compensation claim because linking injuries to a particular action can require more extensive development of a case. At Halloran & Halloran, our attorneys understand the complexities of the claims process, and how to maximize the likelihood that our clients' claims will be approved. We invite you to contact our Hartford office if you think you have developed repetitive stress trauma in your job.

Legal Help When Your Injuries Leave You Unable To Work

Unlike some injuries that result from industrial accidents or occur on construction sites, repetitive strain injuries (RSIs) can happen in any industry. Whether you are a factory worker who performs the same manual tasks for hours at a time, or an office worker who spends all day typing, you can develop strain that significantly reduces your ability to do your job.

Even though they don't result from a job site catastrophe, RSIs can nevertheless make it difficult or impossible for our clients to perform the essential functions of their jobs. As experienced workers' compensation lawyers, our job is to help our clients prepare the strongest possible claim so they can get fair compensation for their medical needs and, in many cases, their reduced earning potential.

We have access to accountants and vocational experts who can help us determine exactly what your claim for long-term medical care and lost future wages should be.

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