Verdicts And Settlements

Our firm is willing to aggressively fight for our clients, standing against the powerful forces which cause them harm, whether that harm is a physical injury, economic injury or injury to their rights as Americans. The attorneys at Halloran & Halloran have obtained some of the largest verdicts and settlements for individuals and classes in the history of the State of Connecticut:

  • $32 Million condemnation award for a quarry owner whose property was seized by the State of Connecticut;
  • Over $200 Million of economic benefits for the investors in Colonial Realty against banks, law firms, and accounting firms who aided and abetted the fraud;
  • $42 Million for the workers who were killed or injured in L'Ambiance Plaza against the construction firms responsible for the strategy;
  • Numerous multi-million dollar malpractice awards against negligent doctors and hospitals;
  • Thousands of settlements and awards for injured workers, victims of various types of negligence, and environmental discharges, resulting in millions of dollars of payments;
  • Over $10 Million for victims of state and local police wiretapping;
  • A decision striking down restrictions on lobbyists right to free speech and association;
  • Co-counsel representing municipalities on case to recover moneys squandered by CRRA on the ENRON fiasco:
  • A dismissal of criminal and ethics charges against former Governor John Rowland;
  • Numerous successful criminal and administrative defenses of persons improperly charged with violations.