Truck Accident Attorneys

When building a case for compensation, there are many things about accidents involving trucks or other commercial vehicles that make them different from ones involving passenger vehicles. Commercial carriers are required to have extensive insurance policies, drivers are subject to much more regulation, and there are often driving logs and other types of evidence that become important after an accident.

All of these things can strengthen the case of someone who is injured, but it is still necessary to have a qualified lawyer who can sift through the evidence and act aggressively when insurance companies resist paying fair compensation. Halloran & Halloran handles personal injury claims for people throughout Connecticut. Our attorneys and legal team combine extensive trial and negotiation experience with a passion for helping our clients through the legal system, and most importantly, obtaining fair compensation for their injuries.

Experience To Build Your Case For Full And Fair Compensation

Situated at the heart of the busy New York-Boston corridor, and with busy routes like Route 2 and Interstates 84, 91 and 95, Connecticut has many roads where large trucks and commercial vehicles share space with passenger vehicles.

Accidents frequently happen as a result of truck drivers going over the speed limit or driving too fast for conditions. They might be distracted by illegally using a cellphone to call or send text messages. They might be sleep deprived or even under the influence of alcohol, drugs or prescription medication.

Whatever the cause, accidents involving trucks can result in serious, even catastrophic injuries. Our job — and our passion — is getting clients compensation for not only their direct medical expenses, but also pain and suffering, lost wages and even reduced earning capacity.

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