Accident Injury Attorneys

The truth is that not all accident injuries are created equal. In many cases, people who suffer relatively minor injuries do not encounter difficulties working with negligent parties and their insurance companies to get fair compensation for their treatment and pain and suffering.

When people suffer serious, life-changing injuries, however, insurers often put up more of a fight because they understand how high the long-term costs can be. In these cases, there is no substitute for the trial skills and record of success of an experienced lawyer.

Halloran & Halloran, LLC, offers people in Connecticut the guidance and aggressive approach of attorneys R. Bartley Halloran and Kaitlin Halloran. Our firm helps our clients when they need someone to fight for what they deserve. We believe that people who have to live in pain caused by someone else's negligence shouldn't face an uphill legal battle, and if you think you might have a case for compensation for your injuries, we urge you to contact us today.

Experienced Legal Help For Your Injury Claim, No Matter The Cause

We understand that there are many ways to fall victim to someone's negligence. At work, on the road or elsewhere, negligent behavior can lead to severe injuries.

We help people who have been seriously injured as a result of:

Our firm has experience representing people who have suffered significant neck and back injuries as well as catastrophic injuries that leave them permanently disabled or disfigured. We also work with families who have lost loved ones in accidents to pursue fair compensation through wrongful death claims.

We also handle medical malpractice claims and guide injured workers through the Connecticut workers' compensation system.

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From our offices in Hartford, we represent clients throughout Connecticut. For a free, confidential case evaluation with one of our Hartford accident injury lawyers, send an email or call 860-726-7810.