Workplace Accident Attorneys

In only a matter of seconds, your or your loved one's ability to provide for yourself and your family has been put in jeopardy. When a workplace accident occurs, people can spend weeks or even months off the job, and in many cases cannot return to work because they are permanently disabled or can no longer do what their job requires of them.

The attorneys of Halloran & Halloran understand how frustrating this can be for our clients, especially when they have to deal with their employers and insurance companies. People who have been seriously injured through no fault of their own deserve a legal team that will take up their case and act aggressively to get fair compensation from every possible source. Our firm has experience winning positive results for clients throughout Connecticut, and if you are wondering what to do following an accident, we invite you to contact us for a no-cost consultation.

Our Passion: Getting Fair Compensation For Your Workplace Injuries

We help injured workers throughout the state navigate the Connecticut workers' compensation system for all workplace injuries. We have represented clients with a wide range of serious injuries, including:

  • Back injuries
  • Neck injuries
  • Head trauma

  • Permanent disabilities

In addition to workers' compensation claims, we also bring third-party claims in cases where faulty equipment accidents led to injuries. Whether you work in the construction industry, in a factory or any other potentially dangerous setting, we can help you get the compensation you need for your medical treatment and inability to work.

We regularly work with workplace accident experts and vocational specialists to figure out exactly what caused our clients' injuries, and how those injuries will affect our clients even years down the road.

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