Pedestrian Accident Attorneys

There is no getting around the fact that when vehicles and pedestrians collide, the pedestrian is always going to lose. Especially now, when drivers are more distracted than ever, walking in many areas can seem like a roll of the dice.

People in Connecticut who are injured by negligent drivers turn to the personal injury attorneys of Halloran & Halloran because they have a record of results winning compensation for our clients. Our firm is different because we focus on accidents where a client's injuries require an aggressive, truly dedicated approach. We stay on top of every aspect of our clients' cases to make sure that insurance companies pay everything our clients deserve for their injuries.

There is no obligation to you to learn what your legal options are following an accident. Call our Hartford office at 860-726-7810 for a case evaluation.

The Experienced, Aggressive Legal Team You Deserve

Whether you or your loved one was hit by a distracted driver or a drunk driver, or was involved in any other type of accident caused by negligence, you might be angry that you and your family are being left to pick up the pieces for injuries that were someone else's fault. You need and deserve a lawyer who will do everything possible to make this time easier for you.

Our attorneys make sure that our clients get the medical treatment they need to reach a maximum medical improvement. Once they have recovered as much as possible, we are in the best position to ask for a fair settlement that will take into account the full extent of our clients' financial needs, or to take a case to trial to get what our clients deserve.

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