Motorcycle Accident Attorneys

Motorcyclists face the same risks of the road as any other driver. Dangerous road conditions, distracted drivers, speeders — it only takes one second for a biker to get into an accident that results in serious injuries.

As experienced personal injury lawyers, the attorneys of Halloran & Halloran have represented many people who suffered severe injuries in truly dangerous conditions. We also know that some of the most serious injuries don't necessarily happen on the highway or where there are obvious hazards. Because motorcyclists are more exposed than car drivers and passengers, even relatively "minor" distracted driving accidents can leave them with broken bones and long-lasting pain. If you or your loved one was severely injured in an accident — no matter what the circumstances are — we can help you obtain the compensation you need.

We successfully represented a client who was seriously injured when a car pulled out of a parking lot. We know it doesn't take much to severely impair a motorcyclist, and we are dedicated to getting our clients fair compensation. Call 860-726-7810 for a no-cost case evaluation.

Our Promise: We Will Fight On Your Behalf

It's a common scenario: People struggle to manage their pain. They might be hospitalized for weeks and face long periods of painful rehab, realizing just how much energy it takes to focus on a recovery. They might struggle when they get back to work, or worse, be unable to work at all. On top of all this, they discover just how stressful it can be when insurance companies put up a fight and try to pay less than what their claims are worth.

This is where we step in. We focus on settling cases because we believe that in most situations, it is the best way to get our clients what they're owed while not dragging them through the legal system for months or even years. We're aggressive at every step, however, and if we have no choice but to go to trial and fight, our clients have experienced trial attorneys in their corner.

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