Fire And Explosion Accidents

Accidents involving fires or explosions can seriously disrupt the lives of those involved. People injured in fires can easily face long, painful medical recoveries and — in the case of house or apartment fires — suffer significant damage to their homes and property as well.

Getting to the bottom of what went wrong in a fire and getting insurance companies to pay fair compensation for the damage fires cause requires an experienced lawyer willing to be aggressive at every step. People throughout Connecticut have turned to Halloran & Halloran because our attorneys have the experience that matters in personal injury cases: Aggressive negotiation strategies, extensive trial skills and an understanding of how serious injuries impact our clients' lives.

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Our Firm's Difference: Experience And Access To Experts

Fires and explosions can occur as a result of a simple wiring error or a combination of factors that ends in catastrophe. Knowing the precise causes of these accidents can significantly improve the chances that injured people get full compensation for their injuries.

We have access to experts who work with explosives, chemicals, electrical systems and many of the other most common causes of fires. Our clients, many of whom have suffered serious burn injury, benefit from these and other resources we use that can maximize the compensation they receive from their or others' insurance companies.

If you were injured in an apartment fire, your landlord might be liable if he or she failed to properly maintain the premises or have an adequate fire alarm system.

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